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Who founded Shantiniketan?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Legends leave a legacy behind. In the eternity of time, there stay the imprints of people who lived a life of inspiration. When you visit Shantiniketan, the abode of peace, you are bound to wonder what makes this legacy so unique? Why is it so cut-off from the mainstream hustle and bustle? Why does nature here follow a unique staccato rhythm? What is it that the wind here tries to confess to us? Questions remain unanswered unless you experience the soul of Shantiniketan all by yourself!

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Debendranath Thakur and A Vision

Shantiniketan is the vision of Maharishi Debendranath Thakur, the father of Rabindranath Thakur. He created this dream city of Shantinikten near Bolpur. His vision was carried forward by his son and the famous world poet Rabindranath Thakur. He expanded his father’s dream and created this magnum opus named Shantiniketan.

The history behind its Name!

There is a very unique story behind the naming of Shantiniketan. Going by history, it says that Maharishi Debendranath Thakur had taken a permanent lease of the 20 acres of land near Bolpur from the Talukdar of Raipur of Birbhum, Bhuban Mohan Sinha. The entire land was taken at lease with an annual payment of rupees 5! Maharishi constructed a guest house in the area which he named Shantiniketan or the ‘abode of peace’. Later the place came to be known by the same name. There was a Chhatim tree in the area, under which Maharishi used to meditate.

Development of Shantiniketan

What are we without our stories? Behind the development of any place there lie myriads of stories that remain unexplored. Bhuvandanga, a place right opposite Shantiniketan was famous for its notoriety of criminals and gangsters. Initially, they tried to thwart the process of development in the area but gradually understood that he wanted development for the area and surrendered to Maharishi. Later they played a significant role in helping Maharishi to turn his vision into reality.

Creation of Vishva Bharati University

Maharishi Debendranath Thakur was one of the founding members of Brahmo Samaj in India. He wanted to build a Brahmavidyalay in India and thus established the founding stones of Vishva Bharati University. He constructed the Prarthana Griho. His son Rabindranath Tagore first visited the place when he was 17. It was in 1901 when he established a Brahmacharyaashrama named Patha Bhavan. He took significant steps to complete the construction of his father’s vision.

Shantiniketan in popular culture

The essence of the Polash flowers, the fluttering leaves of the tall Sonajhuri trees, the Shantiniketan handicrafts, the general ambience and everything about Shantiniketan is the perfect poet’s paradise!

In recent times, a chain of eco-tourism has sprouted around the region. To escape the city buzz and get your soul tuned with the frequency of nature, you must visit Shantiniketan. Moram resort is one such perfect destination for souls who wants to align with the rhythm of nature! For once, let us return to nature and adsorb the peace we all are in search of for the longest time.

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