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Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Shantiniketan

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Shantiniketan is the place where all your mental tiredness will be cleansed naturally by the intoxication of the place. You will find the shelter in your soul that was seeking an anchor. Shantiniketan – a place where you can find your lost soul. The soul that is tired of running! Running from a break, from the bare necessities of life, from appreciating the little moments of joy! Stop running. At Shantiniketan, the air will bring in the essence of liberation. A liberation that will release the clogged-up space within your mind and fill it with an aroma of relaxation.

The embalming essence of the Palash flowers, the red soil drenched in mid-summer drizzles with a stark contrast of rugged path shadowed by a colourful vista full of flowers, nature has its universal secrets to unfold at Shantiniketan.

Moram Earth | Best Eco Tourism Resort in Shantiniketan | Debanandapur

Where is Shantiniketan located?

The swiftly flowing water of the Ajay River demarcates the boundary between Bardhaman and Birbhum district. The Birbhum district is often referred to as ‘Laal Matir Desh’ meaning the land of red soil. The vast redness of the soil camouflages with the red Palash flowers enrobing the streets radiates opulence in its stark magnitude.

The history of Shantiniketan claims that the guest house built by Maharshi Debendranath Thakur was referred to as Shantiniketan or the Abode of Peace which eventually rendered the place its glorious name that will one day be synonymous with Bolpur. Today Bolpur and Shantiniketan are pronounced synonymously.

What are the things you must know before coming to Shantiniketan?

Shantiniketan is a place which you can visit to escape the wrath of the hustle culture of city life. The tunes of Ektara replacing the sounds of vehicular horns. The acrid smell of blood and sweat of flounders replacing the sweet smell of the red soil drenched with raindrops! This is Shantiniketan!

If you expect a hard-core city life over here, then you must think once more before visiting this place. Thankfully, so far this place has not been crowded with an innumerable number of grand hotels and branded shops covering the busy streets! Shantiniketan is still dependent on eco-resorts and small hotels for lodging. At the eco-resorts definitely, you will not have access to every facility as that in a five star! So, prepare yourself for a simple living in the eco-resorts where you can focus more on the inner beauty than delving into sublunary thrills.

Shantiniketan is the land of art and culture and you have to respect the local culture of the tribals there. You should not disrespect the environment by disrupting it in any sense. The loud culture of the buzzing city life must not be carried to this Abode of Peace!

Shantiniketan is located in Bolpur of Birbhum district. The weather conditions here fluctuate often. In the daytime, it is pretty hot during the summertime, quite in contrast to the chilly wintry nights. The rainy season is a romantic and poetic environment here, the perfect feed for lackadaisical thoughts!

There are several Bolpur destinations which you must explore. The Visva Bharati University, itself is a specimen to watch. Besides there is the Kopai river, the temples of Bakreshwar, the tribal fair of Boner Hat that will deepen your connection with nature and of course Moram resort! Moram is an eco-resort in further interiors of Kopai, which you must visit to return to the core of nature!

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