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What is meant by Shantiniketan?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Shantiniketan or the abode of peace is a place located near Bolpur. There are very few places on earth that will radiate an opulence of peace, natural harmony and a feeling you can only patronize with a lackadaisical mindset. There are pockets of beauty in nature which you will never be able to acknowledge unless you are near the regime of nature. Shantiniketan is one such natural regime where your soul will automatically connect with the environment.

Imagine waking up to the call of nature. The birds chirping up in the Lambu trees and the vista enrobed by the golden colour flowers, the sky with feathery clouds and the evergreen greenery, the dulcet warbling of the koel birds seated up in the branches of mahogany and the staccato rhythm of the flute sounds, all these and many more suffuses with the rhythm of Shantiniketan.

Shantiniketan was the vision of renowned poet Rabindranath Thakur and his father Maharshi Debendranath Thakur. They dreamt of a place where education will be free – free from all restrictions set by society standards. Society has always set up different standards, even the liberations were devised by the society. Shantiniketan is a place devoid of every limitation. The limitations themselves lose all of their limitations and transfuses a whole new paradigm in the spirit of the place.

The dew drops inundating from the tip of the drenched lush grass, the sky looking pale on being tired of carrying the weight of the drenched clouds, the grasshoppers prancing with glory, lost in the rhythm of nature. It was one of such mornings when Maharshi first conceived the idea of creating something of this magnitude. It took many years for the place to reach the stature as that of today. Maharshi’s vision amalgamated with the fore-sightedness of Rabindranath Thakur led to the creation of something of this stature. In one word, Shantiniketan can very simply be stated as a pilgrimage for the true patreons of art and aesthetics or the seeking souls on an entourage of self-discovery!

Shantiniketan itself is an art that has a soul of its own. The soul can never be caged in the concrete bars of limitations. One must embalm their mind with the aroma of seeking freedom, the freedom from all restrictions of human standards!

Moram Earth | Best Eco Tourism Resort in Shantiniketan | Debanandapur

Shantiniketan Today!

Today’s Shantiniketan is a perfect blend of both yesterday and today! Numerous eco-tourism resorts have mushroomed in the region. You must visit Shantiniketan to escape the wrath of the hustle culture of city life. The green resorts in Shantiniketan are available at an affordable stay.

Moram resort is one such eco-resort in the area that enriches your soul with the language of nature. To escape the tiresome hustling and savour the little moments of life seated amidst nature, you must visit here. Once you are at Moram, the hum of the place never leaves you. Nature here flushes your worry and replaces your mind with the breezing fresh wind of relaxation. Visit Moram to seek for the soul within, you were in search of for so many years.

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